Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movie Review - RED


Starring: Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Ernest Borgnine, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, Richard Dreyfuss and more.

Premise: Frank Momses, a retired CIA operative trying to adjust to civilian life suddenly finds himself a target for termination. Having been cultivating the closest thing to a normal relationship he can manage with a customer service agent for his monthly retirement checks, he realizes that now those after him will make her a target as well. SO he must try to keep her safe even as he attempts to find out what is going on and why.

Review: The movie is based on a DC graphic novel, but I've not read this one, so can't make a comparison. But if it's anything like the movie, it should be fun!

The movie highlights one of my husband's oldest and most endeared sayings - "Don't mess with old people." Retired he might be, but Frank Moses, hasn't lost his touch. Superior gun battles and hand to hand fight scenes. A couple of places of incredible overkill, but then these people don't underestimate who they're going against, at least not if they want to live.

All the characters are a total hoot especially since several don't fit the molds you'd usually expect. Bruce Willis was great as 'the super efficient agent, yet totally clueless boy falling in love, who can't quite fit back into normal society' man. Mary-Louise Parker was hilarious first as the super spooked girl then blooming adrenaline junkie. Karl Urban was superb as Bruce Willis' foil and modern agent man. (The fight scene with him and Frank in Cooper's office was awesome! Even keot the wounds throughout.) All of Frank Moses' old buddies were a blast and quircky set of characters as well.

Lots of wit, lots of action, loved the post cards used for scene changes. You have to keep an eye on them as some of them move and do things. Beautifully choreographed violence. Several subplots going on as well enriching the entire thing. And to be honest, even better was just seeing several of these actors on screen again!

The Pink Pig: Never leave home without it! Heh heh. The movie was just a lot of fun!

Rating: 4 out of 5 easy!

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  1. Red is more of a thinking man/woman's The Expendables, a film it will be constantly compared to mainly due to the fact they're both action films with older casts.


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