Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wall of Weird - Coincidences

Started work on this in January and am only now getting this post done. 2009 seems to be keeping me busy! Dang!

Anyway, I had an idea back early in the year for a neat webpage I could add to my main site. You see, for the longest time ever, I've always had runs of weird coincidences. Nothing meaningful or life changing, but just enough of something to make themselves noticed. I've had no many in fact that my husband doesn't even bat an eye at them anymore and if anything seems to look forward to what is going to pop up next.

I'm hopping to update the Wall of Weird - Coincidences at least once a month, but I just started and am already slacking. lol. Sadly, I know I had one or two bits written down somewhere and can't find them at the moment to add for the last month. Grrrr.

Here's the stuff I compiled for December. Visit the webpage for the new Jan/Feb stuff. :P

December 2008 - Dawnson's Creek. I bought season 6 of Dawson's Creek to see Jensen Ackles as he was one of the recurring guest stars that last season. (I discovered his work during Smallville and Supernatural and have been slowly digging out other things he's been in - he's VERY good.) As I watched the season, suddenly there were Dawson Creek people and things popping out of the woodwork for me.

First one happened when we were flipping channels and stopped on South Park (which we hardly ever watch) and the episode revolved around a Dawson's Creek Trapper Keeper and how it would evolve into a giant computer and take over the world ala Terminator. Then I finally got to see the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (long story on how I missed it years ago - and man do they cuss a bucket in this sucker), and freaked when James Van Der Beek (Dawson) shows up in it and pokes fun of the show. Then, My Bloody Valentine, which at the time was going to be a new release for Jensen Ackles, ends up also staring Kerr Smith, who was one of the principals of Dawson's Creek! (I'd already been watching Joshua Jackson on Fringe, so he doesn't count.)

Funnier still was when I did get to watch MBV, poor Jensen gets punched in the face by Kerr Smith. Something which also happened to him by Joshua Jackson in Dawnson's Creek. Now he just needs to be punched by Van Der Beek and he will have a hat trick. heh heh.

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