Saturday, November 29, 2008

Books as Gifts and MORE!

A couple of my publishers and other organizations I am connected with are having either sales or charity events so I figured I would list them here in case anyone was interested.

ARE - All Romance eBooks is taking donations for Conservation International. Only $5 in donations will qualify you to select a free gift of either 2009 Wallpapers or a 2009 Wall Calendar. Click on the graphic below to get more info...

Zumaya Publications is having a Holiday Book Sale! Titles will be rotated everyweek so feel free to check more than once. Sale begins 11/21/08. Info below. And click on the graphic to go to the store site.

'TIS THE SEASON! And with books being one of the greatest gift ideas anywhere, anytime, there's plenty of reason to be jolly.
Books, compared to other forms of entertainment, are relatively inexpensive. They last a long time, and you can enjoy them more than once. You can trade them for other books, or share them with friends. Most important, they take you to places you might never have been before, where you'll meet fascinating people and enjoy fabulous adventures on this world and others far more economically than a Prius.

For the next three weeks, beginning Friday, November 21 through December 12, our best-selling books will be on sale for 30% off, and shipping is absolutely free in the US.

And last but not least - Yard Dog Press is also having a Sale~!

It's our first ever

That's right we aren't even trying to make an actual profit we're just trying to get some cash flow heading in our direction.
And we have books for adults and children, role-playing games and the card game. There is something at YDP for everyone on your gift list and at these prices you can't help but save yourself some money and still give a great gift.
We all know the holidays are coming up and that the economy is in the toilet. We have bills to pay just like you do and right now our cash flow problem can help you with your holiday shopping needs. Now I know you can just go to Wal-Mart and buy a bunch of cheap crap to fill those bags and boxes but you know what Wal-Mart is rich! They don't need you money and we do!
Look, I'm going to make buying books from us for the holidays easier than ever.

From now till January 15th (so you can use any holiday money you get to buy the books at these prices) we will be holding our first ever GIANT MEGA CASH FLOW SALE!!!

What's on sale? All perfect-bound books for the time period mentioned above will be $2.00 off the already unbelievably low YDP price. My Meisha Merlin Titles—Strange Robby, Recycled, Chains of Freedom and Chains of Destruction—will be on sale for $10.00. How's this for a deal—if you buy all three Chains books you can get the brand new Chains of Redemption for the same $10.00 price tag. In other words you can get all three Chains books for $2.00 less than you'd normally pay for two of the books. Such a deal!
Also on sale for the same $10.00 price tag, Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse. That's right. This book has all the best stuff from the other four BOTA books. What a great gift for that friend or family member you want to introduce to the BOTA universe.
Chap books, murder games, and the card games aren't on sale, but would make great holiday gifts and are already priced to move.
Here's the big deal…

…buy more than $50.00 of any merchandise and we'll throw in free shipping!

That's right buy sales items, buy things that aren't on sale; it doesn't matter because the minute your ticket goes over just $50.00 you get free shipping and handling.
And how's this for a deal? You have a friend or family member you want to send a gift to but you don't want to deal with it?

Then for an extra $6.00 we will wrap your book and ship it to that person on your gift list by priority mail.

Think about it, you can do all of your shopping on line, you don't have to leave the house and fight your way through the stores, you'll save money, you'll give the best gifts they'll get, and you'll make me happy and after all that's what's important to me. You just go to, go through the catalogue, make your selections, and then either e-mail Lynn ( or me ( and we'll get your order rolling. You may pay via PayPal after contacting us, or you can give us your credit card info. If you prefer, you can just send us your order and a check made out to YARD DOG PRESS. Mail it to 710 West Redbud, Alma, AR, 72921-7247.
Either way, we’d be as happy as elves if you’ll let us fill your order.

Have a happy holiday!

So if you'd like to give a book to someone you love, this is the perfect time!

Happy reading, ya'll!


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