Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Worst Promo Idea EVER...and yet...:P

Stress has been high this year what with work going full tilt, needing to do Promo for myself and the new books (which is far far behind), scraping time to write, and dealing with getting all the stuff done for my daughter's upcoming wedding. So I've been a little on edge of late.

As hubby and I were ridding around from place to place getting things for the wedding, a thought came to us of such awesome scope and so horribly tempting...I must now share it with you. (Just remember, the temptation is purely due to stress levels. No...really!)

Step 1 - Place postcards for my books inside the invitations.

Step 2 - Call the cake decorator and have her change the cake color to green with purple to match the cover of my latest book. Write my web address on one side.

Step 3 - Place my banner on the gifts table.

Step 4 - Make the bouquet for the bride be made of my book covers.

Step 5 - Have books available for sale!

Step 6 - Do a signing during the wedding reception.

Step 7 - Decorate the car with "Buy My Books!" and post my url. The cans can be made to show the different book colors.

Step 8 - Write off the whole wedding as Promotion and Marketing for Taxes! Booyah!

Life can be sweet! :P

(No I am not doing it. Not quite that far over the edge...yet...) :P


  1. We have to take our opportunities when they come. I think they're all scathingly brilliant ideas. Of course, your daughter may object, and you might be crowned queen of tackiness, but hey, we all have to suffer for our art.


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