Sunday, February 03, 2008

I've been tagged! Nooooo!

Courtesy of Rachel Caine (darn her!), I've been tagged, and now some of you will be too ... basically, I have to post a blog with sixteen random personal facts or habits, and then pick twelve of my friends to tag. No tag backs, if you're playing at home! (How did I get roped into this???)

1. Uhm didn't need glasses till after I hit 40.
2. In less than a year I was put on bifocals. *cry*
3. I've always fallen for guys with dark hair and blue eyes. Ended up marrying one.
4. Like Rachel, I too was a band geek. But late in high school life due to timing from moves.
5. Though I am short, I had big eyes - I played the trombone.
6. My native language was Spanish, though I've forgotten a lot of it.
7. I took Russian in high school, and Japanese later on. Not fluent in anything. Sometimes not even English!
8. I hate onions though there are some things that don't taste right if not cooked with them in it.
9. I like Japanese onions as they are sweet.
10. Love Batman, but always had the hots for Robin (Dick Grayson) back in my teens.
11. One of the few people who knows who Ike Eisenman is.
12. 14 years younger than Jim Beaver and 14 years older than Jensen Ackles - both actors on the same show - Supernatural
13. Jim's family lives in Irving (west of me), Jensen's in Richarson (east of me).
14. I burn easy.
15. I have Spanish blood, German Blood, and more!
16. I was a tomboy way back in the day. (Heck even now!) :P

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