Thursday, November 15, 2007

Soon it will be Christmas in July!

Every year it seems like the Christmas holiday marketing push gets started just a little earlier than the one before. But never has it seemed as bad as this year!

I was shocked when two weeks before Halloween, 10/31, I saw Christmas decorating materials at Walmart. Two full Weeks before Halloween! Heck, nothing is supposed to happen until the day after Thanksgiving, right?

Finding the stuff at Walmart was shock enough, but then it got worse. I went Arby's on 11/12 and they were playing Christmas MUSIC! Two weeks before Thanksgiving! Walmart had already driven things up a notch, adding more decorations for purchase, Christmas cards, tableware, and more. but Christmas music? Already?

What are these people thinking?

My husband couldn't be more pleased. He has a soft spot for Christmas music and can't get enough of the stuff. But to me, it just feels wrong. Christmas time has always been the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. Now it looks to be getting longer and longer while starting earlier and earlier.

I'm not trying to be a Grinch here, but enough is enough!

I realize merchants want to make money, but at what point are they taking things too far? They're already there in my opinion. I like Christmas as much as the next person, but too much of any one thing and it loses its meaning, its effect, its enjoyment. (Unless you're obsessed and even then there are limits...)

If they have their way, merchants will soon start getting things revved up for Christmas as early as July.

Bah humbug!

Happy Holidays!

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