Thursday, October 11, 2007

And the Winner is....Virus!

Hubby was out sick all last week and I was out three days. Normally, I am the stubborn type and drag myself to work no matter how crappy I feel unless I am in either too much pain or too dizzy to drive. Last week I was neither and yet the virus won.

It was a weird virus. And I did stay home at least one of the days because I flipped between being hot and cold and figured I had a fever (finding the thermometer around here can be like looking for a needle in a haystack) and figured no one would appreciate me giving it to them at work.

In all honestly though, aside from having drainage pouring down my throat like an open faucet and the possibility of fever, I didn't feel bad. Yet, I seemed to have total lethargy and major lack of brain function. We literally sat on the couch all day and caught up on saved programming on the Tivo.

Hubby actually felt bad. Got dizzy pretty bad a couple of times as well - not moving being the best cure. When we went to the doctors mid week, we got told we had a virus and fluid in our ears. His had gotten infected so he go antibiotics. I just kept taking antihistamines and drinking tons of fluids to make sure my stuff remained clear.

The oddest part of the whole thing was the almost total lack of brain fucntion or initiative. While I could make intuitive leaps on the stuff we watched and think, stuff outside our little sphere didn't seem to exit or have a lot of meaning. Didn't keep me from worrying about stuff I wasn't doing at work, but I couldn't dwell on it either. Things I needed or should be doing just wouldn't even pop into my brain unless specifically brought up. Mundane things like reading/answering emails, making blog posts, reading a book had no appeal or even occurred to me.

Truly weird stuff!

Hubby got insomnia on top of everything else, so he didn't want to sleep during the day and chance ruining the night sleep in case he felt good enough to go to work. I never used to sleep when I was sick, but over the last five years or so it seems to have become a main line of defense. Thursday I totally went with it for half the day and that seemed to finally do the trick -- for me at least.

Hope this puppy doesn't come back anytime soon, cause catching up after all that is killing me! :P

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