Thursday, May 17, 2007

First Class

In many many many things I am a self acknowledged n00b (newbie - greenhorn - clueless! Online speak). And there are also many things in life I've yet to experience. Well, I can strike one of those off the list - going First Class on an airplane.

Honestly though, I avoided doing it for years, only because I had a horrible feeling I would like it and flying would never be the same again. And I wasn't wrong! (Those of you who've had the opportunity to fly first class know what I'm talking about. Booyah!)

By now, those of you who've never flown first class, are asking yourselves - "okay yeah, bigger seats, more space. So what?" So what?! Let me tell you! There is so much more to it than just those things! More than I thought there would be, that's for sure...

1) You board first. (Okay yeah, this might not be that big a perk, some might say, but if the plane boards past the first class area, you get more... see #2)

2) Pre-flight drinks! Yeppers, while everyone else is fighting the line, shoving their luggage in the overhead bins, and getting situated, you are asked about drink preferences and served. And no plastic cup for you either - an actual GLASS glass!!!!

3) Free headphones! You heard right--those pesky $2+ headphones come to you free of charge. 12 channels of music and more! And you get to keep them!

4) TV! With those free headphones, you can opt to watch the flight entertainment. (Years ago you got this regardless of class, but...that was in the time of the dinos! We're living in the here and now, baby!) Whether it be news or a semi-current movie.

5) Hot towel - you read right - you get a hot towel to clean your hands with! This is actually a Japanese tradition and I was surprised as heck to see it used on a plane! Quite lovely really.

6) The food comes in actual DISHES with actual SILVERWARE! You even get a fancy glass for wine! And a cloth napkin! Who knew! And refills on the drinks!!!! (Tray tables are tricky though, since they fold into the armrest.)

7) The food itself was yummy (definitely better than what you used to be able to get in coach, before it all went to premade box lunches you have to pay for...)

8) After lunch was served and taken away - we got - a - HOT - chocolate chip cookie and MILK!!!!! I couldn't have been more surprised and pleased!!!! (Yes, I am EASY.):P

It was an awesome experience. I almost felt like I was at a four star restaurant (or back on the ship!), everyone was so eager to see to our every need. It also helped that I had no idea what those tickets cost us either, otherwise I might have had to demand some champagne. lol.

Yet there is one issue with flying, which even First Class did not fix - I still had to bug the person next to me to get out of their seat so I could make a kidney run as my seat was the one by the window. :P

Gloria Oliver

Unveiling the Fantastic

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