Sunday, May 06, 2007

Book Review - The Prodigal Troll

The Prodigal Troll
by Charles Coleman Finlay

Premise: This is the story of Maggot, a human child raised by Trolls, and his journey to understand his past, where he came from, and where he should go for his future.

Review: Think Tarzan of the Apes, except replace it as Maggot of the Trolls. Told from different points of view, the reader gets a full sense of where Maggot came from, even if he doesn't know the details himself. The world Mr. Finlay grabs your interest and it is fascinating to see how the different cultures and races are affecting each other, Maggot caught somewhere in between. And amidst lies, deceit, and concepts Maggot has never encountered, he tries his best figure out how he can fit into the world of man - especially after he has found the woman that both excites and tortures his spirit. ***1/2!

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  1. I remember that evil troll. Between him and the vampires, I didn't know which way to go. I understand you are a friend of my co-author, Dorothy Thompson. If you want to know the truth, it was I who wrote the book, but just because I'm a ghost, they thought they could get away with it. Ohhh...shhhh...she's coming. I'm caught. She tells me that she's going to ask you if you would like to host me on my virtual tour next month. ONLY ME. There's details on my blog, but she will be in contact with you soon. Au revoir, Henri de Montmorency

  2. Well, hello there, Henry! Thanks for stopping by. So you're a ghost writer, eh? :P


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