Thursday, March 01, 2007

Book Review - Strange Robby

Strange Robby
by Selina Rosen

Premise: A serial killer is on the loose, except he is only killing criminals. Frustrated by the system and its tendency to not punish the guilty, Spider and Tommy are reluctant to solve the case, since the "Fry Guy" is cleaning up the streets. But when the SWTF starts sniffing around the case, everything gets a lot more complicated as hints of dark secrets enter the scene.

Review: Thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters are full of life, are multifaceted, and deal with several complex issues and circumstances. Loved how the seemingly simple matter of a serial killer kept enlarging into bigger and bigger things. Fast paced, exciting, exploring relationships and different aspects of life, our goals, and how things don't always work like we think they should. Blackmail, love, trust, secret organizations, psychic powers, politics, and more! ***3/4!

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