Saturday, January 06, 2007

Movie of the Week - The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd
staring: Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Tammy Blanchard, Billy Crudup, Robert De Niro, Keir Duella

Premise: Edward Wilson, aka "Mother", has a problem - his operation in Cuba was compromised. He has a leak in his organization. As he attempts to staunch the damage and find the leak, he flashes to the past and how he ended up being part of what eventually became the CIA.

Review: Great film! Lots of faces you will recognize. Tons of subtlety every where - you must keep your eyes peeled. A lot of things are not spelled out, though they are there to see, and for connections to be made. A couple of spots, you blink and you will miss what they are saying. Just like the spy world, it's all there in the details, you just have to be able to sift it out and see the picture they paint. Truly enjoyed this. ***3/4!!!!

Hint: Keep the guy they show on the beach in mind for the flashbacks. But most importantly, do not forget the sequence with the dollar bill and what it means toward the beginning! This will come in very very handy toward the end!!!! You'll see! Heh heh heh

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