Sunday, October 08, 2006

Movie of the Week - Open Season

Open Season (Animated)
Staring: Martin Lawrence, Aston Kotcher, Matt Taylor, Jan Favread, Danny Mann, Billy Connely, etc.

Premise: Boog, a grizzly bear raised in captivity by a ranger, has his life turned upside down after he meets Elliot, a mule deer. He finds himself set loose in the wild and all he wants to do is get back home.

Review: From what I understand this is Sony Pictures first animated film. Kudos to them! Gorgeous scenery and the work on the fur was marvelous. The story was very cute and funny and is filled with a plethora of interesting characters. The main bad guy and his animal conspiracy theories were a hoot. Lots if hidden jokes for the parents. Make sure to stick around for the first part of the credits to see what happens to the bad man. :P ***!!!!

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