Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Movie of the Week - X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand
Starring: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, and more.

Premise: A "cure" is found for the mutant gene by a private firm. Magneto uses this "cure" as a catalyst for uprising. He also solicits the help of a newly awakened Jean Grey.

Review: Well, I will tell you now I am biased against these films because the time period they cover was about the time I was reading the series. And the liberties (and some stupidities) they've done in the films don't sit well. If you don't know anything about the comics, you should enjoy this movie quite well. The acting is good, the story line decent, and the special effects very nice. As they have done in all three, a lot of the other characters get thrown in purely for filler or because they are familiar icons and they hope it will be a draw (As in Juggernaut and Colossus). In many ways this is a somewhat darker film than the others, but still no blood or gore. Several cute moments, and a lot of angst. ***!!!

(SPOILER!!!!) For those of you who might like to know, here are a few of the items that made true fans grit their teeth in annoyance. Colossus (Peter) was one of the main 5 characters in the series, here he's thrown in for effect and has 1 line. Juggernaut is NOT a mutant. The X-Men universe has magic and high science, and Juggernaut's power comes from a red stone in his helmet and not because he is a mutant at all. So the one big joke on him, would not have worked. Cyclops and Xavier do not die in the Dark Phoenix saga. They continue to give mutants multiple powers when they only have one. Wolverine only seems to have two - but his is healing. Which is why he was chosen to be experimented on and due to his rapid healing, they were able to replace/coat his bones with Adamantine. Yet mutant after mutant in the films exhibit multiple powers. Did love Hank's treatment, and Wolverine always comes out looking good. :P There's probably a few more tidbits, but I will be good now. lol

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