Friday, June 23, 2006

Book Review - Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke (Book 2 of the Weather Warden Series)
by Rachel Caine

Premise: Joanne Baldwin died. Now she finds she's still alive, but not as a human -- as a djinn. While she attempts to acclimate herself to what she has become, she also slowly becomes aware that David, the djinn who saved her, might have broken laws to do this--and there will be consequences. Add to this the fact some kind of force seems to be seeping in from another dimension which cannot be touched by Warden or djinn powers, and storm of trouble is building in the horizon for our outspoken heroine.

Review: Once again Rachel Caine delivers a fast paced ride as turbulent and changing as any piece of weather out there. We learn more about the djinn as a race, their origins, their rules. Also learn more about Bad Bob and those he consorted with and who now come back to haunt them all as the backlash for all the mess in the first book comes trickling down. All your favorite characters are back and more. Warning, you better buy book 3 before you finish this one or you'll be beating your head against the wall! lol! ***3/4!!!!!

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