Friday, June 30, 2006

Book Review -- Chill Factor

Chill Factor - Book 3 of the Weather Warden Series
Author: Rachel Caine

Premise: Picking up where we were left off in Book 2, Joanne and David have been trying to get to Las Vegas to confront Kevin and Jonathan. Unfortunately they've been less than successful. Then the Wardens show up and demand Joanne hand over David as they want to try to trade Djinn. David convinces Jo to go along, but then everything starts going sideways.

Review: As fast paced as the other books, you're in for a wild ride! As you can see from the dates of my reviews, finished this one in a week. Had to read! Must admit I wanted to go hunt Rachel down and smack her a couple of times as she threw in her twists and turns and shocks! :P Another great ride! (Reading something in between as I need to catch my breath! lol) ***1/2!

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