Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Movie of the Week - Poseidon

Staring: josh Lucas, Kurt Russel, Richard Dreyfuss, Emmy Rossum, and Jacinda Barret

Premise: The cruise ship Poseidon is hit by a giant wave and turned upside down. The survivors need to figure out a way to stay alive and get out of the ship.

Review: I was actually looking forward to this movie. I remember the original fondly. The special effects were good, the far off scenes of the wave and the full moon over it utterly gorgeous. The acting was also good. That being said however... One of the characters is a young boy, toward the end, to seemingly up the suspense, he runs off to explore though he has seen explosions, bodies, flooding, etc and though pretty smart for before, now turns into an idiot and goes off without telling anyone. Very contrived. Worse (though the film tries very very hard to push the fact no one else is alive) the heroes start filling a ballast tank to get to a hatch, and then leave the thing running. With the ship in the condition it is in, filling all the ballasts will sink it. Yet not a thought is given by the characters to the fact that if anyone else is alive on the ship, they've just signed their death warrant.

With the talent gathered for the film in both acting and technical, this could have really been good if the scripting had had as much attention. It didn't and so it suffered for it. :( ** of 4 (Or as my husband would put it - better on cable.) :P

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