Friday, January 27, 2006

Movie of the Week - Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane is the new Jim Carey film. It was funny and poignant all at once.
It's about Dick and Jane (which they relate to the children's books--so it was a funky thing as they kept using phrases from the kids books like "Run, Dick, run."--who end up losing their jobs and not being able to get others jobs for months and what they do as their lives slowly get more and more desperate. Then they find out that Dick's company was embezzled and they come up with a way to get the money back for all the people left without jobs from that old company. Was a lot of fun though some of the things they went through were both hilarious and disturbing. All the things one fears when losing their job taken to extremes. Brrrr.

One other point that I just kept rolling in the aisle about was their little boy. Both parents obviously worked late hours and so their son spent most of his time with his Spanish Nany. So he spoke in Spanish, had a Spanish accent, and watched Spanish TV. It was too darn funny! At the end of the film he's teaching his parents the language. :P


(Yes I know, I seem to grade just about everything a ***1/2 but it's the "!" that make the difference.) :P

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