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Pay It Forward and more!


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The Discoveries of Julia Xero Series Banner



The Year of Chaos continues! Boo! So I’ll be skipping the Mind Sieve portion of the newsletter this time around. Hoping to get back on track by next time.


My poor sinuses! Though the air quality has been good down here, the pollen count has been nuts! No colds have been caught yet, so good news there, at least! Yay!

Writing news

The banner at the top will be the series banner for The Discoveries of Julia Xero urban fantasy thriller series! The series is set in Dallas, TX and it has a lovely and varied skyline!

The edited manuscript for The Secret Humankind is running a bit late as my editor has also been suffering from 2023 the Year of Chaos, but I hope to get it in the next couple of weeks.

The date for the ebook to go live on Amazon is now locked for 7/20/23 with the paperback release the week before. I want to try to give reviewers 2 months to get done so some reviews will be live when the ebook goes live. I also hope to do a giveaway of some sort, so stay tuned!


The Secret Humankind - Book 1 of the Discoveries of Julia Xero


The Secret Humankind – Book 1 of the Discoveries of Julia Xero – is now on Pre-Order at Amazon!


She keeps her head down and cleans up messes. When the body count starts rising, will trying to make a living get her scrapped?

Julia Xero is stuck in survival mode. After losing the only person she loved, the introverted orphan longs to escape her toxic employment for the zen of crime and trauma scene decontamination. But when she lands her dream job and is called to a bloody rooftop with a decapitated corpse, she’s horrified to come face to face with an otherworldly shark-toothed assassin.

Furious to learn she’s been enlisted by a clandestine race of beings against her will, Julia’s dismay fountains when she finds out they implanted her with a neck bomb to ensure her lips stay tightly sealed. Fit to be tied, and her thunderous confrontation with her boss hitting a deadend, the stubborn young woman begins plotting ways to leave the energy-powered entities in her dust.

Can she outwit an ancient civilization before her carotid goes boom?

The Secret Humankind is the gritty first book in The Discoveries of Julia Xero urban fantasy thriller series. If you like fish-out-of-water heroines, complex worlds, and dark truths, then you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s multi-faceted mystery.

Buy The Secret Humankind to match wits with monsters today!



This also means I have a new freebie short story for peeps who subscribe to the newsletter! It’s a prequel short to The Secret Humankind called Pay It Forward. The only way to get it is by signing up! I’d love for you to join!

Pay It Forward - The Discoveries of Julia Xero Prequel Short

A social worker fighting the good fight. A mousy orphan dodging trouble. Can the public servant find common ground before one of them gets permanently kicked to the curb?

Laurel Caine wants to pay it forward. As a case handler in child protective services, Laurel maintains a professional distance from her charges while using her stash of ‘secret weapons’ to keep them safe. But after she meets a thin, timid girl named Julia, keeping the child at arm’s length is proving harder than resisting the call of chocolate.

So when Julia’s current foster home wants to ditch her without cause, Laurel bayonets the rules and goes all in. But Julia is a tough nut to crack and wheedling what Laurel needs to know out of her is like pulling teeth from a bucking bronco.

Can Laurel hammer the cryptic clues together in time, or will she stay stuck in the muck and lose more than she ever imagined?

Pay It Forward is the prequel short to the Discoveries of Julia Xero urban fantasy thriller series. If you like gutsy women, unlikely orphans, and your fiction laced with the supernatural, you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s moving tale.

Grab your free copy of Pay It Forward to foresee the future today!

Sample chapters for the novel will be coming soon!


Extra stuff I’ve shoved in here:

1) StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

2) StoryOrigin Swap 2 (Freebie)

3) Fantastic FREE Fantasy Group Promo

5) Free Fantasy Fun Group Promo


More deets on all of these in their sections.


StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

Winter’s Wolf

A teen out of options. When her ancestry manifests, will she find friendship and love… or meet death at the pack’s jaws?

Louvette Blackwood struggles to keep her temper in check. So after getting expelled yet again for trouncing a bully, she’s shocked when she inherits her grandfather’s Montana estate. Frustrated by her mother’s tight lips over her heritage, she travels north while juggling disturbing dreams of wolves and images of the dad she never knew.

Stressed to discover her granddad may have been murdered, she heads to her new school where a hallway encounter triggers a horrifying transformation. And when a handsome boy soothes her inner beast, Louvette’s blown away to learn she’s a Lupine—a birthright that puts a target on her back.

Can she embrace her terrifying legacy without falling prey to a depraved killer?

Winter’s Wolf is the bone-chilling first book in The Cursed YA paranormal mystery series. If you like heroines coming into their own, a dash of romance, and deadly foes, then you’ll adore Lou Grimes’ gripping tale.

Buy Winter’s Wolf to explore a wild destiny today!

StoryOrigin Swap 2 (Freebie)

StoryOrigin Swap 2 (Freebie)

Dragondale Academy

Magic isn’t real, and dragons don’t exist. Right?

Growing up in foster care wasn’t easy on Ava. At eighteen, she left all that behind, and prepared to start her new life.

But she never expected it to take the turn it did.

Daughter of a druid, she finds herself invited to study at the Dragondale Academy of Druidic Magic, and thinks maybe she’s found the thing she’s been looking for her whole life – a home.

But not everything is as it seems at Dragondale. She’s years behind the other students, and an outcast in a foreign country. And there’s only one thing on her mind.

She never thought she was much of an animal person – until she met Dardyr, the dragon with a dark past. Together, can they heal each other, or is there a reason he’s offlimits?

If you like magic academies, fun characters, and adventures, you’ll love Dragondale Academy: The First Semester.

Fantastic Free Fantasy May 2023 Group Promo Banner

For the first of our two May 2023 Group Promos, I bring you – Fantastic FREE Fantasy

Free Fantasy Fun May 2023 Group Promo

Our second group promo for May 2023 is Free Fantasy Fun!

Summer is almost here! Stay cool, ya’ll!

Till next time!


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