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Mind Sieve 2/21/21


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I found a cool site where you can copy/paste emojis into almost anything. 😍 Thanks,🥳



For the past week, I’ve been working on the website’s SEO. SEO = search engine optimization. Some of the tweaks help with how the search results actually look like. Of the 70+ pages on the site (this does not include blog posts), I am about 2/3’s through.


Why is this Important? See the pic below…

Gloria Oliver Google Search

Something I was planning to do for a while, I have finally implemented. The two titles that reverted back to me in early 2019, after the publishers went out of business, I’ve now put out at the super low (and probably permanent) price for the ebook versions of 99¢. This has aggregated to all vendors, not just Amazon. (Looks like Apple Books is not there yet, though. 😭)

If you’ve yet to read any of my titles, this could be a great opportunity to check me out. The website has sample chapters for all my novels, so you can get a feeling there of the tone of the books before committing to anything. 😝

Since these are 2nd editions, I lost all the original reviews at the vendor sites, but I have a lot of them on my website on each books’ review page.

Cross eyedDragonTroublesPaperback 1

“Harry Potter meets Dragon Riders of Pern”

Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles

YA Fantasy – magic school with dragons! Average review rating 4.7 stars.

Sample Chapters – multiple formats





Inner Demons

Urban Fantasy – 1st Person POV.
Average review rating 3.7 stars (It’s weird how skewed a couple have been.)

Sample Chapters – multiple formats




Movie Reviews 🎥

We haven’t been to the actual theater in weeks, but we have been digging up movies elsewhere. So reviews are happening! 😎

Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers

SF Movie (subtitled) – awesome CGI and some super cool space moves. A good amount of action. Some twists. Fun to watch. 3.75 out of 5.


Monster Run

Monster Run

Urban Fantasy (subtitled) – loosely based on A. Lee Martinez’s book “Monster.” 3.5 out of 5.

(If you’ve not read any of A. Lee Martinez’s work – I highly recommend his books, especially The Automatic Detective.


The Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky

SF Movie – based on a short story. George Clooney did some impressive work on this one. His character’s age and illness were well portrayed. Some details on the ship were super cool. This one won’t be to everyone’s tastes. It ambles slowly along, though it was well worth it by the end. (To me anyway!) 3.75 out of 5.


The Watch

The Watch

Fantasy Series – Ok, yes, it’s a series, not a movie, but I love all things Terry Pratchett. The Night Watch books are my all-time favorites of the Disc World Series. It was a hoot. This is PRE normal Vimes/Night Watch, so takes a little getting used to. But so far it’s been a ton of fun. 4 out of 5 (I may be biased!)

Movie/TV Previews

Cruella – Emma Stone – this could be fun!


Chaos Walking – (SF) – really a weird premise, but I’m game!


LOKI – yes, he’s getting his own TV show! Time travel craziness, too!


WHAT IF – (animated) – world-hopping, time travel (?), The Watcher. Cool!


There are too many streaming services! 😭

I’m just not sure how they think people can afford them all. I know I can’t! Dang.

Just For Fun!

Robotic Bartender – Yes! MSC Cruises is getting a new ship with a super futuristic-looking bar with a robotic bartender! How cool is that?

Robotic Bartender


There’s an old adage about never knowing what is around you. It is so very true! One of the things I ran into as I was doing some research for the Black Jade prequel short story was the Dallas Heritage Village.

Okay, I guess I’ve tortured you guys enough. I’ll let you go for now. (I was going to add some Virtual Tourist to this but it’s way long already. Sorry!)

Till next time!


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