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Virtual Tourist - Tales of Berseria 4/7/19


Mini Movie Review

Shazam - I will admit, though I love Zachary Levi, I wasn't too sure how this film was going to turn out. Luckily, it more than met expectations. The kids were fantastic! Plus the film had other elements they did not touch in the previews, which made for some unexpected surprises. The movie has a lot of levity, but it also shows there's darkness. Evil doesn't just come from monsters. Rating: 3.75 out of 5. (Hubby's Rating: Worth Full Price to See Again.)

Tales of Berseria

This is a Japanese console game that has been converted for PC. You have the option of both English and Japanese for the voice-overs, which is nice. Unlike some games out there that have been brought to PC, they did an excellent revamp on this one.
I've not played this type of game before, where you have multiple characters that fight in a group, and you switch and maintain all of them. But the learning curve hasn't been too bad. :P
Tales of Berseria
This is Velvet. The start screen goes through a small sequence, and she walks towards you as the game loads.
Tales of Berseria
There is a demon blight that has spread across the land. One that turns people into monsters. Monsters that attack everyone around them.
Tales of Berseria - Velvet's village
This is Velvet's village. She lives here with her brother-in-law and her younger brother.
Tales of Berseria - forest
This is the forest just outside her village. The graphics are lovely. The little figure on the lower right means there's a dialogue sequence you can start by pressing 'T.'
Tales of Berseria - ruins
A set of ruins past the forest. They sit atop a cliff overlooking the ocean. It is here that bad things will happen and alter Velvet forever.
Tales of Berseria - night at village
Velvet's home at the village. Places you can enter have the blue dotted ring at the entrance.
Tales of Berseria
Inside Velvet's home. That's her younger brother, Laphiset. He's a little sickly, but very bright. Velvet is rather overprotective of him.
Tales of Berseria - ocean
Lovely view, no? Laphiset wants to see the world! Velvet just wants him safe.
Tales of Berseria - closeup of Velvet
A touching moment with her brother.
Tales of Berseria - ceremony
That night, however, is when everything changed...

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