Monday, May 26, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Know if You're Obsessed

Since I have suffered what seems to be My First Obsession Ever, I figured it might be helpful to create the Top 10 Ways to know if you're truly obsessed so I can make sure. Here we go! (Please feel free to add any others you think might be applicable.)

10. You watch/read all new episodes/editions three times during the same weekend. (Check! This one I am at 100%)

9. You have joined groups online to fanatically discuss your obsessed topic and froth along with others as obsessed as yourself and keep on top of all news relating to said obsession. (Check! Only one group though, so maybe I am not totally there on this one. Hmmm)

8. Read/write fanfiction to get a little extra more of said obsessed topic, especially after horrid cliffhanger or season ending. (Errr, yeah, mucho guilty on this one...)

7. New unexpected collecting habit. Must have all things commercially available on said topic. Cards, photos, mugs, t-shirts, stamps, books, comic books, guides, jewelry, hats, clothing lines, signatures, etc. (Hm, only have some books, have some jewelry, some t-shirts...looks like I am not obsessed enough.)

6. Know all about full career of author/actors/directors/anyone associated with said obsessed topic. (Hm, I know some of the names. Some of the history. Even know a director's name or two and what they worked on before. Hmmm. Need to work on this one.)

5. Have dreams about the universe, characters, storyline. (Dang it! No! Not yet. Why?????)

4. Must infect others! Purchasing multiple copies to throw at friends and coworkers so they too can enjoy (be assimilated) by said topic obsession. (Oh yeah! Three down, more to go! Bwahahahaha)

3. All manner of movies, TV shows, books, and life situations somehow bring up said show/topic. Almost like you can't escape. (Bwahahahaha it is everywhere I look! Bwahahahaha)

2. Hours and hours of quotes are on the tip of your tongue and used for any and all occassions. (Yeah right! I'd have to have a memory to be able to do that! Hah! Now get me some PIE!)

1. Can spout every episode name/each volume name, order in the series/season and give a synopsis of same on command. (Eek! Just a little outside my reach. Bad Brain Cells.)

Hm, looks like I am not all that obsessed after all. Huzzah! I am still sane! Woot! (Shshshsh let me have my little delusions okay? Heh.)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

May 2008 Newsletter


2008 seems to be flowing past fast! It's May already! Eek!

1) News
2) Marketing Madness
3) Latest Appearance Schedule
4) Upcoming Appearances
5) What's Up?

1) News -

New reviews are up for Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles!

Also more reviews for Willing Sacrifice!

Not a lot of other news on the writing field though. Have finished the Supernatural essay, but am now waiting on the beta reader who's also hooked on the show to give it a once over before I send it in and see if I can squeeze in there - wish me luck!

Sent a story out for Sword and Sorceress 23 but got rejected - not quite what they were looking for. Thinking of using the same story to get on the Baen critique site and see what they make of it. It's a weird mix of fantasy and police procedural. Might be hard to find it a home!

A couple of other stories are still out in the ether waiting for approvals or rejections. One for an anthology and two I am trying to get into the Dallas Museum of Art's Reader Program where they get actors to read short stories to an audience. I think this would be a blast to see!

Did submit Willing Sacrifice to the Dreamrealm awards but haven't heard squat. Their trophies are gorgeous, but the communication is abysmal. Entered two other books with them before but they went nowhere - don't think the main person enjoys my writing style. Got my fingers crossed anyway.

2) Marketing Madness -

Have made a little progress here - Cross-eyed/Willing Sacrifice's two sided bookmark templates got done and the completed bookmarks are now here. Went once more for the larger sized ones since I'd messed up the original Samura/Vassal set. Not sure if it makes a difference to peeps or not. Guess I'll find out when I put them out for promo.

Also got the postcards done and they're now here too. Even got the Cross-eyed flyer done! So I guess I've been somewhat productive on the marketing side of things!

Need to revamp my Sampler yet again and get some CD's burned for A-kon. It's only 3 weeks away! Eek!

3) Latest Appearance Report -

I had nothing! I was free! Free! Which is good since I had to contend with getting my daughter's wedding done and dealing with foundation people putting pilons under the house, busting our pipes, and other assundry issues. Wheee!

4) Upcoming Appearances -

A-kon in Dallas on May 30 to Jun 1st! Then off to Oklahoma Friday and Saturday on June 6th for Soonercon! (Sneaking back late Saturday night to make the last day of the Supernatural convention in Dallas!)

5) What's up?

Still alive at work. We're pretty much taking it one week at a time. Stress is still very much up there, which stinks. The wedding and having foundation work done and some bad stuff there has not helped at all. I'm going to be totally broke by the end of 2008. Luckily the wedding went off well! The kids seemed to enjoy it very much and that's all I could as for. Don't ever want to do it again!!! At least that's over - huzzah!

On the reading front, finished "She" by H Rider Haggard - really had some unusual stuff about it and I enjoyed it alot. While in Oregon at Powel's I picked up a book in Spanish called "Zorro" (it's about Diego's parents and then him growing up and what events led him to become the hero we all know and love). The author's style is a little off to me, but the info and speculation is fascinating. Figured it would be a good way to get some Spanish back into my brain. I go anywhere from 99% to 90% understanding. Taking me a while too. People at work are freaking because I've been on the same book for over a week. lol.

I guess that's all for this time around. Hope you all have a great month!

Gloria Oliver

Unveiling the Fantastic

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