Thursday, May 31, 2007

Youtube - the new time sink

Over the years we've all gotten links forwarded to us by friends to funny videos or homemade music videos and such. I always enjoyed these things when sent to me, but to be totally honest, I never much paid attention to the hosting site of Youtube...that is until recently...

About a month ago, some friends online, also infected by my very first obsession EVER, Supernatural, sent a link to a music video up on Youtube. Awesome work in integrating scenes of the show to angsty music. I enjoyed it so much, that for once, I actually looked at what else was on the page. And guess what! There were listings to the side of other videos on the same subject. So I clicked one. Ooooo! Another gorgeous video on the boys! And another! And another! There were hundreds of the things, on just this one show! I forced myself to close the browser. (Checked again today, search brings up 21,100 approximate matches. Eek.)

On another day, I went back to Youtube. I figured, how much stuff could they really have out here? How off the wall could the content be? So I decided to test that by doing a search on an old love from my teenage years - Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman - a 1970's Japanese anime (cartoon) that had been brought to the states in several incarnations, mainly Battle of the Planets, G-Force, and Eagle Riders. (You can't keep a good cartoon down?) So I put the name on the search feature and with little expectation hit enter... I got a whole page of stuff. Heck I got more than one whole page of stuff. WOW. I randomly clicked on a concert where the theme song was played by a Japanese group. I bopped, I grooved. As soon as it was done I quickly shut the browser down. *Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!" (Did a search today and got 300 hits on Gatchaman related videos - eek!!!!)

Holy smokes! I don't have time for anything now, let alone for watching videos. Going to this Youtube place could definitely be hazardous to my health if not sanity! I discussed this with my hubby, and to my surprise came to find out he's a frequent viewer of Youtube, and had been using the search features for a while himself, putting in random artists, viewing the videos out there on them or their songs. Eek!

Now writers have gotten into the act as well, creating book promo videos with pictures, text, voice, and music to use them as a way to get readers interested in their books.

Heck the place even lets you rate the videos and leave comments!

You could spend a lifetime at that place!!!! And they say TV is dangerous! I better just keep my browser closed... :P

Gloria Oliver
Unveiling the Fantastic

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