Friday, July 28, 2006

Comic Con 2006

Comic Con 2006

I decided to actually go to a convention this year where I would NOT be working! Woot! I have a bunch of friends who meet at Comic Con in San Diego every year and get together to attend the con but also to discuss and watch episodes and incarnations of a 70’s Japanese Anime called Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman and see if they can find other fans to meet and congregate with.
Comic Con is HUGE! Held at the San Diego convention center it sees anywhere from 70,000 to 110,000 people every year. It is a multi media convention and attracts a lot of top names. If you are in the comic book, toy, manga, movie, or TV industry, this is the place to come to generate interest.

I was able to attend several panels (Battle Star Galactica, Frank Miller’s 300, Bones, TMNT, Gatch viewings, Sergio Aragones, Kyle XY) all of which had previews, interviews, and info. The dealer’s room is gigantic and not only are there goods to buy, but there are giveaways, freebies, and all sorts of things to look at. This year had a replica of the Mark 5 from Speed Racer, a giant Snake mouth for Snakes on a Plane, a statue of a chimney/gargoyle/Batman made of Legos, Robbie the Robot and more! I walked for the whole 5 days and I’ve never done so much walking in my life! And who knows what stuff I still missed.

Weirdly enough, I was not the only Dallasite at the convention! I spotted and talked to John Picacio and saw Ben Bella Books hocking their wares. I felt like I was home! :P
When I left home, we’d been on our 5th or 6th consecutive 100+ degree day. On the plane, they told us it was a measly 85 in San Diego. I was very excited by this till I left the airport. What they did not have in temperature, they made up for in humidity! Oy!

Though I didn’t get a chance to see much of San Diego, I did take one side trip. A friend let me know that Sony Online Entertainment was doing a Block Party and tour on Saturday and would ferry people there and back from the convention. He asked if I would go and take some pictures for his online gaming info group Ten Ton Hammer. I not only took the pics he wanted, but I got the bug and did a write up for him as well. He was ecstatic! (He keeps singing love songs at me online! Lol) If you’d like to check it out, the 2000 word article and pics of the Block Party are here.

I also got to meet two people I had either corresponded with over email for years or had played with online. It’s always great to be able to put a face to name. Overall, I had a real good time! I was sad to leave.

Have a lot of pics of the con.

Friday, July 14, 2006

In The Service of Samurai as MP3's!

My novel In the Service of Samurai is now being serialized as MP3's at
The first 5 chapters are up and more will be on the way. is a free MP3 site for audio books. Most are read by the author.

It's been a definite experience to get myself set up for this and to get it moving, but I am committed! (Or I should be committed. :P)

Check it out if you have a minute! Might just discover something new!

Movie of the Week - Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
Cast: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Kingsley, Jack Davenport, Bill Nighy, etc.

Premise: Captain Jack Sparrow finds out that his deal with Davey Jones has run out. It's time to pay up. But Jack figures Davey has to find him first! At the same time, Will's and Elizabeth's wedding is first interrupted by bad weather and then by bad fortune. Lord Cutler Beckett has them both arrested for treason for their roles in Jack's escape. However, he has a proposition for them, if Will will go find Jack and get his special compass, he will let them go free. Jack's and Cutler's paths have crossed before.

Review: Lots of excitement, laughs, and high adventure! The fact they throw in Will's father as part of Davey Jone's crew adds to the fun. However, this film seemed darker than the first, though I can't pin down exactly why. A let down was the sword play, nowhere near as good as the first films. A lot of the original cast comes back for this film as well, which was surprising and fun! Warning though! This film ends up in a semi cliffhanger for part 3!!!! No previews, but there is a bit after the credits so stay in your chairs. Overall though the film was good fun and leaves you frothing for part 3. Which they better hurry up with!!!! ***1/2

Movie of the Week - Superman Returns

Superman Returns
Cast: Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden, Kevin Spacey, Parker Posey, etc.

Premise: Superman has been gone for 5 years. Now he has returned and tries to go back to his old life only to find that things have changed. Lois has a 5 year old and a boyfriend, and no longer seems to feel the world needs Superman. Lex Luthor is also out due to a technicality and he has been busy. He's located Superman's Fortress of Solitude and has taken some of its treasures for himself. The Man of Steel has a tough road ahead.

Review: The beginning sequence is way cool!!! Though the font they used for the title made me and my husband crack up as it looked way too similar to the Star Wars font. Lots of kudos to the original Superman film, which was neat! The colors of the costume were changed, and while the blue was way cool, the red was too dark. Eek! The story's multiple storylines were entertaining, Kevin Spacey a hoot as Lex. Lots of little jokes all over the place. Effects were great! My only nitpick would have to be over the damage Lois Lane is subjected to - she would have been dead a few times over! lol! And while I enjoyed Kate Bosworth's performance, I felt she for a woman (Lois) who had spent years being in danger and getting herself in and out of situations with and without Superman, that in this she showed way too much fear and not enough confidence in herself. That was too bad. Overall though, fun fun film! ***1/2!
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