Saturday, November 26, 2005

Movie of the Week - Pride and Prejudice

Wonderful movie!!!! ****!!!
Truly enjoyed it. All the actors in the film were marvellous. The two principals should win oscars for their performances. And the director should as well. The choreography on several scenes was amazing, and I don't mean the dancing, which was way fun, but how people would glide in and through scenes and barely miss each other amongst crowds of people, it was phenomenal!
Loved the glimpses into daily life flashed for us so we got a more rounded feel for life for these people. A great movie! (Take hankies!)
Very higly recommend it!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Movie of the Week - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Been looking forward to this one!
If you've read the book recently, you may be dissapointed. But only because of how much material they could not get into the movie. The book, which was about twice as thick as the others, had many storylines and info, and I knew when I read it several years ago a lot would have to go. Still, they tried very hard to keep the important facts or to sneak in in abbreviated version a lot of info. So I was quite happy. Loved the visuals for the Quidditch match and the actual field.

Was very surprised, however, to see that Hogwarts itself had changed. The school inside and out was different. After getting pretty much the same layout and look for 3 other films, it was rather a shock. Guess it will probably happen again in forthcoming films.

Overall though, I truly enjoyed it! Growth can be seen in both the characters and the actors. Harry and his friends are defiinitely getting older and you can see it by their conversations. Snape didn't get much air time but what he did have was utterly precious and milked to the max! And Moody was wonderful! Loved the film! ****!

Movie of the Week - Zathura

Now here was a pleasant surprise!
Had not gotten too worked up over the film not sure how they could work this up, but they did a great job. Beginning sequence gives you a feel of the old black and white Sci-Fi movies and stories. The beginning is a little slow as they try to set up the current emotional logistics between the children, and also the parent and older sibling. Once the fun starts though, watch out!
Awesome special effects and a lot of funny bits. Even a surprise or two.
Loads of fun! ***1/2

Movie of the Week - Chicken Little

Well, I had very high hopes for this movie - though once I started seeing all the hype and it being called "The Best Comedy of the Year" I made sure to downgrade my expectations.

It is a very cute film, some way cool effects, even a message! But it wasn't as funny as it could be. Worth seeing, but did not beat Madagascar, Ice Age, or The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. ***
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