Thursday, August 25, 2005

Book Review -- Perdido Street Station

Perdido Street Sation by China Mieville
Perdido means lost, which is kind of fun to think about in a city mired with as much new/old/rich/poor/hate/love/corruption as New Crobuzon is. Mieville goes to great length to entrench the reader in all the details of the city so you can get a feeling of the whole. There are a myriad of races, cultures, religions, all trying to co-exist in this straddling metropolis. You get glimpses of the lives of several characters in different areas and slowly it all coaleses into a giant domino effect as seemingly unrelated events start a chain reaction of incredible proportions.

A garuda looking to fly again. An artist about to create her greatest work. A scientist on the cusp of his greatest discovery. And an escape which is going to put the entire city in the deepests grips of fear--for not even in sleep can you hide from what's coming.

Once the events start to roll, you'll be hooked on this rollercoaster ride all the way to the end.
So if your patient with the buildup, the payoff will be well worth it! ****

Friday, August 12, 2005

Movie of the Week - Wedding Crashers

First thing I'd like to say about this one is -- it is NOT for children! They cover/show many very adult topics on this film and would not be appropriate for minors. That being said, it was quite disturbingly funny. The situations they get into in the wedding that will be their ultimate undoing are amazing! Totally hard to explain without giving things away. ***

Friday, August 05, 2005

2005 - The Year of the CURSE!

Curse? "What curse?" you ask?

Well it probably isn't one, but it sure feels that way. And I hope it goes away REAL soon!
I think of myself as someone who tries their best to get along. To be on an even keel. That tries not to rock the boat. Friendly, even proactive. But somehow, in 2005, something has gone terribly wrong.

5 times this year I have, while trying to be helpful, or friendly, or just going along, totally hacked off people. Most of them have been through emails going back and forth, so it could be a language issue (and I call myself a writer...) but mostly it just feels like a whole lot of bad luck. Somehow I am catching people at their lowest and strangest, and in one stroke of misfortune I am the one who pushes their buttons totally without meaning to. It's enough to make me want to go to a corner and cry myself into a coma. :-(

This must STOP! Please? *sigh*

So to any of you I somehow make mad this year...just remember...I didn't mean to!!!! Wahhhhh

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Movie of the Week - Sky High

A fun, light film. And it has Bruce Campbell!!! Love Bruce!!! Deep high school issues taken in a light format. Decent effects, good acting, and many, many funny moments. If you're looking for something fun, this is the movie to see. ***1/2!!!!!

Book Review -- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

***spoiler warning***
Okay. years ago, when I first ran into Harry Potter (book 2 as a matter of fact - I have a weird knack of running into a series out of sequence), he was not the sensation he is today. I started the book and thought that the descriptions were rather lacking but decided to give it a go. About page 40 though I was pretty well hooked. By page 100 she couldn't skip descriptions fast enough for me! Been a fan ever since.

Though not voraciously tearing through the book as many have done -- I took a week instead of the weekend (you wouldn't believe how many of my friends tore through it in a day or 2) -- I did read it rather agressively. While the first few chapters had a surprise or two and Snape getting to be Defense teacher caught me off guard as much as Harry, the true shock came at pages 499 and 500. While many people I know came to the same epiphany as myself, many have not. And I must admit I've had a blast of a time letting these individuals in on the little secret -- Harry is a horcrux!

Each time I've done it there have been cries of denial. Yet as I explain why I see this, they get a far away look in their eyes which soons turns into stunned shock as they too see the posibilities. Bwahahaha. Harry's mother did one over on Voldemort and I love it! Also ties to Dumbledore's theory that if Voldemort had ignored the prophecy, it would have never been set into motion. While I believe Dumbledore suspects Harry is a horcrox (and mentions V's snake so he can start getting used to the idea of a living horcrux), I believe Voldemort until recently, has not suspected this fact. Yet it explains all. A piece of Voldemort's soul would protrect Harry from the curse, it would also give him parsel tongue and Voldemort's greater ability for magic, plus the fact the wands are exactly the same. All the pieces are there if you look for them. Bwaahaha

As to Snape -- I think he is good! He made the vow because he was in love with Malfoy's Mom. Also, Dumbledore begging is not like him, and they made sure to mention it wasn't like him. I believe he did it to get Snape to be the one to kill him and therefore save Malfoy (I am sure Snape has killed before). Snape also reacted as he did with Harry during the escape because Harry has inadvertetnly found Snape's sore point -- being called a coward. Snape could see nothing past his hatred of being thought of that way. Book 7, in my opinion, will be about Snape and in the end, Harry is going to have to face his hatred of Snape and see past it to the truth.

I hope the next book comes out soon!!!
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