Sunday, December 29, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 12/29/13

Morning everyone~!

Star Wars The Old Republic
Jedi Consular

A walking tree and its baby. Ugly yet totally adorable at the same time. :P

Some new plants cropped up. Hubby saw them too, so it wasn't just the fact I changed my video settings. :P

The compound the insane Hutt is hiding. He believes his compound will survive the destruction of the core. 

I'm thinking here's proof that he's not. Heh. 

Nice fountain decor.

Even a vine draped trellis! Nice

Feral mutations and the people who've been fed to them. :(

Mutations the Hutt is using for part of his security detail in the inner areas.

More evidence his place is NOT going to survive what's coming.

Funky Hutt flags and a nice view of the statue I've been seeing here and there on Makeb.

A Golden Mechanical Chocobo (I kid you not!) Click to see the larger view. (Someone has spent way too much time playing Final Fantasy - Hah!) The insane Hutt is to the left. 
The Chocobo kicked out buns multiple times. We're going to wait another level and come back!

Weirdest helmet EVER!

Yep, we had to go back. Hoping to get our level from these side missions before going back to kick some Chocobo buns.

Look at that sky!

Imperial location now held by the Republic

Weirdest warehouse ever! Had to plant listening devices. The fog and darkness would suddenly have a ring of red from security scans. Suckers were hard to avoid.

Double tiered tram tracks. 

Hope everyone had a good set of holidays! 2014 is almost here!

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